Our installation services are not limited they stretch to the requirement of the client’s vision. Our main goal is to assist in new installation, preserving, updating and beautifying your home.  Whether it is mirror/glass repair, replacement or custom mirror design installation, our experienced and certified technicians can provide detailed and accurate assessments and quality, and friendly installation for all your home’s glass needs at affordable and competitive prices. We provide quality  services to commercial and residential sectors with unmatched trained staff at our best. Our professional are always ready for new challenges to meet the customer demand, whether it is work related to the exterior of the house or interior, we take full responsibility of delivering your project efficiently and effectively.


We use our experience in creating the best exterior glass designs that are reliable and durable. Exterior of the home is always vulnerable to dust, sunlight and different weather conditions that can cause damage. We use high quality specific exterior glass such as thermal and vinyl tinted panels to save your house from damage. From garage doors to solar screens we provide the services given below.

·         Thermal, vinyl tinted and security windows
·         Impact and Security Film
·         Front, back, garage, patio, sliding and French doors
·         Sundecks and Solariums
·         Skylights
·         Window Replacement
·         Enclosures and Greenhouses
·         Board Ups
·         Window, security, hail protection and solar screens


Everyone wants their home to look beautiful. Every little detail in your house can reveal a lot about a person’s taste. Mirrors are one of the most appreciated elements in interior designs. Their reflective properties make small rooms seem larger, dark rooms seem lighter and can help one fabulous accent or furnishing pack double the punch. Decorative Mirrors can add a glamour to you house if installed correctly. That’s where you need Custom Mirrors Las Vegas services to give your home a beautiful look.

Follow the list below to see how you can make your home beautiful with our services:

·         Glass Tables/Table Top
·         Glass doors (smoked, tinted, frosted)
·         Shower Doors
·         Tub enclosures
·         Mirrors
·         Wall Mirrors
·         Residential Wall Mirrors
·         Commercial Wall Mirrors
·         Custom glasswork (etching, beveled edges, rounded corners, etc.)
 Safety Glass
Plastic, Acrylics and Poly-carbonates
UVA/UVB Protective Film
Weather sealing, winterization and more!


Custom Mirrors Las Vegas